All consultation fees must be paid on the day of consultation. If you have medical insurance, please ensure you attend your consultation with your full insurance details including an authorisation number.

Please note that some aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology care are not covered by all medical insurers, as such I would suggest cover is fully clarified prior to undertaking treatment.

Please note that if your insurers decline payment of your account the responsibility for payment falls to you.

Obstetric Care

Full obstetric care package. This includes all antenatal visits, delivery and a postnatal and visit at 6 weeks.

6 weeks


From 20 weeks onwards

20 weeks onwards


From 30 weeks onwards

30 weeks onwards

Gynaecology Care

Genaral Gynaecology consultations



Follow up Gynaecology consultations



*These fees exclude costs of ultrasound scans, outpatient procedures, investigations and hospital charges.

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